Sweet Treats: Cadbury’s Marvellous Creation Range 2

In recent weeks it has been hard to over­look the adver­tis­ing for Cadbury’s new range — super­mar­kets have been spot­ted with Willy Wonker-ish card­board dis­plays, posters and dis­play bins full of the new Dairy Milk ‘Mar­vel­lous Cre­ations’ choco­lates. And how was I to resist the com­bi­na­tion of choco­late and pop rocks, when I still have fond mem­o­ries of the Mag­num Candy Warhol ice-cream, with musk ice-cream, and white choco­late coat­ing dot­ted with pop rocks — my favourite of the Six­ites Nine series bought out way back in 2003 (and sadly discontinued).

But back to the present, how do these new cre­ations mea­sure up? Are they amaz­ing, or do they taste like the sweep­ings from the Cad­bury pro­duc­tion floor? I was only able to try two out of the three vari­eties, as the Peanut Tof­fee Cookie was only avail­able in the 300gram block, and I couldn’t con­vince myself to buy that much choco­late, but I will add that review later when I can. Until then, I have tried:

Jelly and Crunchie Bits

This was a lit­tle dis­ap­point­ing.  The choco­late is fine, although Cabury is not my favourite choco­late by far, it was still pass­able as choco­late goes.  How­ever the crunchie pieces were minis­cule — far smaller than those shown on the pack­ag­ing, and this meant that unfor­tu­nately they were far from ‘crunchie’.  Instead all they added was a sweeter, hon­ey­comb flavour to the choco­late, with lit­tle dis­cern­able change in tex­ture.  The jelly pieces are like small jelly beans and are very chewy, and the com­bi­na­tion of the soft hon­ey­comb and rather hard jelly didn’t seem to match.

How could this be improved?  Big­ger chunks of crunchie would def­i­nitely help improve the taste and tex­ure.  I would also reduce the size of the jelly to reduce the tough­ness (and the ran­dom­ness of the large jelly chunks, which are pretty scarce), and add peanuts for extra crunch, and to make it more unique. Unfor­tu­nately, at the moment it’s run­ning very much in sec­ond place to:

Jelly, Pop­ping Candy and Beanies

This is the kind of choco­late bar that would have had me jump­ing up and down with excite­ment as a kid — jelly, pop­ping candy and bean­ies in choco­late? It’s like children’s birth­day party food all rolled into one choco­late bar! And as I’ve pre­vi­ously said, I love the idea of pop­ping candy in choco­late.  This was more like I expected it to be. The choco­late is very gen­er­ously sat­u­rated with pop­ping candy, so that even the tini­est nib­ble is full of crack­ling and pop­ping.  It’s rare to find a big brand choco­late bar that is best appre­ci­ated in tiny nib­bles, so this is a great addi­tion to the choco­late bar range. The jelly once again was quite hard, but it seemed to match the crazy rocky road mood of this choco­late bar.

How could this be improved?  The bean­ies (Smar­ties with­out the brand name) are pretty much redun­dant, and actu­ally took a lit­tle away from the expe­ri­ence, as they had less flavour than the pop-rock stud­ded choco­late or jelly. I would remove them, or per­haps replace them with caramel chunks or fudge. All up, how­ever, this was def­i­nitely some­thing I would rec­om­mend peo­ple try at least once, if only for the fun of find­ing a pop rock lodged between your teeth min­utes after you’ve fin­ished the chocolate.

The Cad­bury Dairy Milk ‘Mar­vel­lous Cre­ations’ range is avail­able at most major Aus­tralian shop­ping cen­tres.  I bought mine from Coles, at $1.85 for the 50g bar.  The 300g blocks are on spe­cial there for $4.50 at the moment, if (unlike me) you can bring your­self to buy that much choco­late at once!

Adden­dum — Peanut Tof­fee Cookie

I could not find the Peanut Tof­fee Cookie in the 50g bar in any stores, so yes­ter­day I finally decided to buy the 300g block.  I’ve added some images to the gallery so that you can see the pat­tern of the blocks in the larger size — it’s very inter­est­ing, although it did make the pieces harder to snap cleanly.

I had heard from a friend that the Peanut Tof­fee Cookie was ‘not worth it’ how­ever this flavour was a pleas­ant suprise.  Each piece had plenty of the fill­ing ingre­di­ents — and all three flavours were appar­ent.  My favourite is the cookie, as it comes in large crispy chunks, and made me wish the hon­ey­comb had been in such gen­er­ous pieces. The peanuts were not as crunchy but the nuts com­bined with the tof­fee and cookie were an enjoy­able com­bi­na­tion — prob­a­bly the best match of the three vari­eties.  It is, how­ever, extremely sug­ary and after one of the extra-thick rows of blocks I felt a lit­tle sickly. It’s prob­a­bly best not to eat more than a few pieces at a time, oth­er­wise the flavour of the choco­late dis­ap­pears entirely and it begins to feel like you are eat­ing noth­ing but spoon­fuls of of peanut-flavoured sugar. It’s hard to resist temp­ta­tion with a 300g block, but believe me, this is much more enjoy­able in smaller doses.

The cat was also sure this choco­late was pretty good stuff, and didn’t seem to believe me that choco­late is poi­so­nous for cats — it was a strug­gle to get some pho­tographs with­out her nose in them. And this after she snubbed an $8 bag of cat treats I had just bought her!  I guess at least she is consistent.

Have you tried any of the Mar­vel­lous Cre­ation range? Let me know in the com­ments below, and if you agree or disagree.

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